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We are specialized in supply of Laundry Accessories includes Avery Dennison Tags, Avery Dennison Tagging Guns, Blue PVC Hanger, Braso Indian Iron, Button Protectors, Cleana Powder Wax, Hanger Rack We are specialized in supply of Laundry Machines includes 2300 Stirolux, Steam Press Machine, Speedqueen Dryer, Speedqueen Washer, Steam Ironing Table, Washing Machine We are specialized in supply of Spotting Chemicals include Bongo, Eliminink, Ezz Off, Inkgo, Laundry Targo, Pyrate, Spots Go, Qwikgo, Rustgo, Yellow Go, Targo Dry, Fabric Softner, Spray Starch We are specialized in supply of Dry Cleaning Solvents include ICI – Perk lone, Percholoroethylene Solvay, Percholoroethylene Solvent, White Spirit – Odourless Downy, Easy On Starch Spray, Kithouse Starch Spray, Laundry Bleach, Oxy Bleach, Perfume M-21, Rexo Fresh, Sparkle Detergent, Star Bright Detergent, Taj Detergent - High Foam, Taj Detergent -Low Foam

Welcome to
Al Taj,
Dubai, UAE

Al Taj Al Fiddi Antiseptics Trading LLC was established in 1996 with its headquarters and its working unit located in Dubai. During our crucial business years we have earned goodwill and loyalty of our customers following Our Motto

“Quality we believe, Satisfaction we deliver” and with continuous availability of quality service for our clients.

Mission Statement

To provide an effective trading service with the focus on quality, punctuality and continuous feed back to all the reputed customers and ensure employee satisfaction at the same time.

The Human Resources at Al Taj have identified quality, punctuality and communication as the three most important issues in this service industry.

The company thus strives to focus on these three areas to reach service excellence.


As this market is enormous and the demand of the clients is at an inclining curve, Al Taj is one of the major suppliers of laundry equipment and laundry accessories in the U.A.E.

Supply Quality Laundry Products
30 Years Industry Experience
Competitive Prices
Large Quantity Handling
Complete Laundry Products Range
Customer Satisfaction
Fast & On Time Delivery Services

Laundry Supply business is a wide market with a lot of growth potential in the United Arab Emirates. With more than 1000 clients using laundry equipments and laundry accessories and above 40 suppliers serving the market this industry has proved it dynamic and growing.

Al Taj introduces new detergent products yield perfect industrial quality namely Maxima, Al Taj Detergent both medium and low foam.
We have laundry one shot detergents for the laundry industry
As a professional laundry product supply company offers complete consultation for new laundry setup with produt supply for small scale to large scale industrial and residential businesses in Dubai & across UAE, Middle East.
Laundry Steam Ironing Machines

Washer Extractor for Industrial Laundrys


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